An Introduction

Worship Services

All are very welcome to attend our worship services, held every Sunday at 10:30 am.

Children join with the congregation in the church; toys for younger ones and craft activities for older ones can be made available.


Services are recorded and can be accessed digitally. If you prefer, a playback device may be borrowed for use in your home (request a recording here).

Car parking is available at the Railway Station or in Perins School, both are public car parks and free of charge on a Sunday.


As a Church we strive to value all our people through worship, support and common respect, with the aim of making everyone feel open and welcome in the Lord's presence. Through knowledgeable speakers and ministry we bring to life the story of God's work in an accessible and identifiable way. Based in a building with reflective and thoughtful interior design and by using traditional hyms, more modern songs and large-text overhead projection, we offer a place to focus your thoughts on what matters most.



Our premises comprise the Church and Hall, plus a Coffee Lounge/Kitchen on the ground floor, all accessed via 'The Link'. A general Meeting Room and a smaller Office are situated on the upper floor.

      Free WiFi  is available throughout the complex

       Audio loops (for hard of hearing) are installed in the Church and Hall

    All ground-floor rooms accessible by wheelchair


Rooms are available for hire by families (e.g. for that special birthday treat) or by local clubs & societies for ad-hoc presentations etc. or for regular meetings.