The Alresford Methodist Church Lydia Group was formed some 25 years ago as an initiative to appeal to younger or mid-aged women who might attend Church as well as to those for whom the Church no longer had relevance in their lives. These might be friends or aquaintances of Lydia members, existing residents or newcomers to Alresford. All were welcome.

The aim of he group is to foster warm, supportive social releationships and to enjoy each others' company with a varied programme of activities planned by members themselves. From the outset it was decided to meet in each others' homes so as to encourage a relaxed, intimate atmosphere where "care and share" could take place. The name "Lydia" was chosen as it was she who offered welcome hospitality and acceptance to Paul and Silas (Acts 16: 1-15) - and so it promoted our ethos.

We meet on the 1st Thursday of every month and our activities range from quiet reminiscence on a theme, to fun sharing (& sampling) of recipies, theatre visits, country walks, (a rowdy!) Xmas party, Summer BBQ, fund-raising for a chosen lesser-known charity, speakers etc. ...


Our current Programme is available on request


Whatever the topic on the programme (reviewed annually), above all - LYDIA IS WHAT ITS MEMBERS MAKE OF IT - pastoral care and fellowship IN ACTION!